Find alternatives to flag emojis


As you might know, I love emojis and use them everywhere. But as you might also know, Microsoft decided to not have any flag emojis while Mac OS does have them.

No need to discuss the reasons why, based on my understanding it relates to the fact that adding flag emojis is somehow validating the existence of some countries, and Microsoft might want to avoid the decision (:wave: Tibet, :wave: China).

Anyway, the result is: I have beautiful flags in our Asana for countries, languages… and my colleagues have ridiculous replacements, where :fr: becomes fr and :us: becomes us.

Any clever idea for my Microsoft friends out there, except switching to the obviously superior Mac OS? :grimacing:


Yeah this is really annoying for us Windows users… I looked into it and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround…currently! :person_shrugging:

Got the same issue here. also looking for a workaround.

I guess the logic next step is to find alternative in the existing emojis. France could be :baguette_bread: or :croissant:, US could :hamburger: or :eagle: …

Any other ideas?

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What if you were to copy and paste emoji’s from emojipedia?
:jp: :kr: :de: :cn: :us: :fr: :es: :it: :ru: :uk:

to add it says they aren’t supported on windows… but I am using windows and I can see them…

Hi @Becky_Manson , I can see them too here (in the forum, browser on Windows) but you can’t see them in Asana… :confused:
The emojis here in the forum are different than the native ones in Windows (Windows key + .)


I am using emoji’s from there regularly but the flags are still a problem in Asana.

@Bastien_Siebman yeah we use emojis also that represent the country such as :kangaroo: for AU, etc

Been also testing Country Flag Fixer - Chrome Web Store but that does not help with Asana Task titles either

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