Filtering by Milestone dates in Portfolio

Hello! I am hoping someone might have a tip or trick to help our team filter Milestones within a Project in a Portfolio. For context, our team is needing to limit milestones that show based on the beginning and end of our fiscal years to help plan and report on specific milestones within a fiscal year. Does anyone know if there is a way to filter what milestones show in a portfolio view? Or perhaps a simple workaround? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Emily_Snode-Brennema

Are you meaning in the portfolio dashboard? If so, yes. In the widget that you are using click the pencil icon to edit >> + add filter >> date >> due date.

Hi @Christine_Bolton, thanks for your response! Great clarifying question. We are wanting to try and filter the milestones within the list view of the portfolio. The reporting/dashboard doesn’t quite give us the snapshot view we need.

Welcome, @Emily_Snode-Brennema,

There’s no proper way, I’m afraid.

But the best hacky workaround I know of (which I’ve used before) is to set yourself reminder(s) before the beginning/end of your fiscal year to make this change:

Convert milestones to tasks to hide them in portfolio view; convert tasks to milestones to show them.

If you designate these with a single-select custom field like Convertible Milestone? with single value of :heavy_check_mark:, then you can sort on that to multi-select them easily for conversion as needed.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks, Larry! I think we will try using your hack and see how it goes.

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