Filter for task with max due date AND which include dates in the past or optionally empty dates

Hi everyone
A project which servers to organize a meeting, can be filled by all staff-members. They take themselves as responsable and try to set a due date to the day, when they like to talk about this task.
To avoid a list of thousands future tasks, a filter only shows the task with a due date within the next 14 days.
Unfortunately, this filter brings 2 disadvantages:

  1. If a worker forgets to add a due- date, this task won’t appear in the weekly agenda.
  2. If we’ve to move the meeting to next week, without closing a task, tasks will have a due date in the past will and also disappears from the agenda.
    We’d like to avoid changing the due- date every week (manually or by rule). We’d loose the original due date which let us priorise this task in the next meeting.
    If the available filter would be completed with an option which also shows task in the past or without a due date, this could solve such problems.

Maybe there is also another workaround we’ve never thought about :slight_smile: