Feature? Use a {variable} to @mention a task parameter

Hi All - I could not find this functionality described in the Asana documentation, so I thought I’d ask here. Any guidance/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Quest: To insert a dynamic due date into a task name from within Asana.

Example: Mtg 10-Nov-20: Acme Project Review --> Mtg {Due Date}: Acme Project Review

Background: I use ‘Tasks’ for multiple purposes. Some are true tasks to be completed, some I use for meeting notes, some I use to capture general information.

As described above, when a meeting moves around on my calendar the task name can change automatically. This is important because I reference these ‘meetings’ using ‘@mention’ in several other ‘Tasks’, and I’d like to minimize the editing when a date changes. The dynamic date should be converted into a real date within the ‘My Tasks’ list and wherever it is referenced by an @mention. I created a template task that I copy for any new meetings, pre-populated with specifically formatted text in the description for Agenda, Attendees, Meeting Notes, References (@mentions), Next Steps, etc. When I create a new meeting from the template and give it a title, it would be nice if the date were dynamic from the beginning.

Reference: Other online services like Discord and their Bots use variables to reference different parameters within the scope of the server and specific channels. Below are examples from their ‘Welcome’ module. Here’s a link to the Dyno bot for Discord servers.

Dyno - Welcome Module:
You can use these variables in the message boxes above.


  • {user} - The user calling the command. Eg: Hello {user}!
  • {server} - The server name
  • {channel} - The channel name

Hi @Ed_Johnson, thanks for reaching out! As it stands it’s currently not possible to add dynamic due dates into a tasks name in Asana. We have two threads in our #productfeedback category, I suggest you to add your votes here:

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!