Feature request: Markdown

Our team has abandoned Asana, with this missing functionality a determining factor.

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2 years later, still no markdown?

Isn’t Asana primarily used by people from IT background (developers, project managers etc.). I’m perplexed why such an elementary feature is not implemented.


Throwing my support behind this.

Here is a link to lots of Markdown resources. There are plenty of browser-side libraries that should let the Asana dev team implement it with a few lines of code (seriously!).

I like Asana, but tell everyone to use Trello instead because of the lack of Markdown support.


Can we have an official feedback on this feature request ? It’s been a while…


We are now an Asana Business customer and now I’m realizing how much I rely on Markdown for formatting and missing it when using Asana. I’ve voted on this but it looks like this has been a long standing request.

It would be great to hear from the Asana product development team if this has been added to the roadmap at least. Like others in this thread I’m perplexed by the fact that Markdown has not been tightly integrated throughout Asana (at least in descriptions and comments) by now.

I’m with all of you… sad this isn’t done yet after two years of this thread begging for it. Asana seems to market themselves more towards “creative types” and their workflows. Perhaps they don’t care about having developers as customers. :frowning: Although a prefer the simplicity of asana, I’m going to go give clickup a try for this functionality…

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+1 Our organisation has just moved us to Asana from Trello, and no longer having Markdown for our comments and descriptions is one of the biggest roadblocks/productivity reductions that we have found. The effort to understand code snippets, and general formatting has increased significantly since we made the switch. Lacking this feature will make your product grate against our workflow.

Please Please Please add Markdown to the comments and descriptions in tasks :pray:



It hurts even more to be able to use markdown in my complaint that it’s missing from Asana proper. Second the above comments – it’s a big hit for my QA team not to be able to use it.

I am a PhD researcher, thus math is my second language. As for now, I produce a latex formula in PDF and attach it to a task…
My research group uses Asana for keeping projects organized and sketching new ideas.
However, adding a latex-ish markdown support for comments and descriptions will be a game-changer. Neither Trello nor GitHub admit formulas in their markdown.
I understand the technical difficulties behind this improvement, still I beg you: add math rendering to Asana! :slight_smile:

+1 and Like for Markdown. Markdown should be implemented. Enough said.


This Chrome extension isn’t a perfect solution but it does help our team.

Is this on the roadmap? We’re heavy slack, github, bitbucket, typora, etc users and markdown is super useful not just for programmers or creative writers, but for doing any formatted content.

Even Skype has limited support for it now.

Asana please add this, it’s a killer feature! I love Asana but I’ll start looking at alternatives.

Thanks for the recommendation of the Chrome extension. That is a huge help, but… why doesn’t Asana just implement Markdown natively? This Chrome extension handles it about perfectly, but it doesn’t display the formatting outside of Chrome or in Chrome without the extension. Since Markdown is already designed to gracefully degrade if the formatter isn’t in place, it still works for those that don’t have the extension. BUT… how nice would it be if Asana would just implement Markdown?! I really don’t understand their resistance to this?

Another user that is suprised about the lack of Markdown support. Please add this feature. It’s near the top of the feature requests and a no-brainer for even semi-technical teams.

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lol. Kinda crazy that its been 3 years and you all have not addressed this. It essentially a core feature to your demographic.


I completely agree.

It is likely that Asana doesn’t support this natively because their software architecture was built with some flaws that prevent them from being agile enough to implement them.

I can think of no other reason why they wouldn’t have already implemented markdown support or at least implemented the ability to hyperlink text.

Tbh - i’am privately using clickup, this is one of the reasons - asana missing markdown and a lot of more. Not advertising it, just much better product overall.

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No Markdown seriously limits collaboration. As a dev I don’t see myself ever recommending Asana until this is remedied. But it’s been 3 years so…


Could we please have an update from the Asana team on this feature request ?