[Feature request] Make it easier to set dependencies within subtasks

I would like an easier option (or shortcut?) for setting dependencies of subtasks within the main task. I could see a toggle-able option for automatically suggested blockers/dependencies or a more visually friendly menu rather than the small dropdown next to the hourglass.

Hi @sara_mg , welcome to the forum :wave:

Have you tried the Timeline or Gantt views, available for Starter / Premium tiers and above? You can drag and drop the circles above/below each task’s duration bar to connect it to another. I personally find this far more intuitive and visually clear rather than creating dependencies in the task details pane, especially for subtasks!

Also, in the Gantt view, you can also select multiple tasks and make them dependant on each other using the multi-action bar.

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Super helpful!! Will try this out, thank you

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Glad to help, @sara_mg ! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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