Feature request: General heading with a notes page underneath for general meeting notes

Basically instead of making everything an individual task, when you make a header you can then go into that header and take notes within that. I don’t always want to have to make a task for a meeting topic, but want to take notes for it. Then can break it into the actual tasks that are needed and everything else can be marked as a task after.

For example:
Weekly 1 on 1 catchup meeting with Sam (header)
-Click on this header and with this space place the agenda, any notes during the meeting etc.
-Tasks that come out of it are then placed as tasks underneath (in list view)

Essentially, want the header to be interactive instead of just a title.

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Do you refer to sections here?
If so then have a look at this feedback request thread

Otherwise why don‘t you have one main meeting task, then you can add the agenda in the description and tasks that are created based from discussions in the meeting are added as subtasks which you can multidimensionalere also then.

Some even use separate projects per meeting if a lot of tasks will be created.

Here are some templates and ideas:


I hope that helps