How to create collaborative Meeting Agenda template?

I need to create a collaborative and reusable meeting agenda template for my team. You’ll see from my screenshot that I’ve created categories that I will then assign to the appropriate person. I would like that person to be able to go into their assigned category and upload/enter notes and whatever else they need to discuss during our meeting.

I would also like this template to be reusable so I don’t have to start from scratch every time, and I want to be able to save the meeting agendas from each week for future reference. How do I do all of this?

Thank you!

Hello @Kate_Weaver ,

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There are plenty of ways of approaching this, I would approach this as follows.


Your current tasks become sections and you encourage your team members to add a topic (task) under the relevant section.

Assignee (who presents)

If you always have the same people presenting for that category, which is now a section, you can create section-based rules that auto-assign the task added to the correct person based on which section the task is added to.


⚡️ If a task is added under the section "Strategy" assign the task to Rosario.

Otherwise, they should assign the tasks manually to themselves as they add them.

Week (when will be presented)

The Due Date of the tasks will define when the topic will be presented (the week). You complete the tasks after they have been presented. Actions can be tracked as subtasks or separately in dedicated projects and hyperlinked in the task detail for future historical reference.

Reminding everyone

You cannot assign sections to your team members, but everyone should already know who is responsible for what. If you still want to have a call to action to remind them to update the agenda. You could consider adding at the bottom of the project a section with the “Reminders” and have a weekly recurring task assigned to each team member to remind them to fill out the agenda. The team convention can be something in the lines of:

After you add your topics to the agenda, please complete the task if you don’t have topics to add for the week, mark the task as completed to confirm so.

Like this every week they have a reminder.

You can use the assign copies of a task function to assign all the reminders efficiently in just one go. This is a one-time set-up, the tasks will auto-generate weekly as people complete them.

One more tip

If everyone contributes to the agenda on a weekly, staying on time is critical.

I would add a numeric Custom Field for “time in minutes” each one who adds an agenda topic, should estimate how much time they need by adding the time in minutes to their task. So by the end of it, you see how long the meeting will take, if you have too many topics for the week or if you need more input.

Making the project reusable

You have just created an ongoing agenda project—this setup is “reusable” by nature :slight_smile:

Last touches:

  • Make sure you set the project list view to show only incomplete tasks.
  • Whenever you need to check older agenda points use an Advanced Search or simply display all tasks in the project.

Hope this help.


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Welcome, @Kate_Weaver,

With my clients I offer a different approach. A project template to create a project once for, say, weekly Ops team meetings, containing a model task to duplicate for meeting recurrence. I can’t go into detail here, but perhaps that will provide a direction to consider.



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