Feature Request: Eisenhower's Urgent/Important Principle

It would be great if there was a way to set priority levels on tasks. I guess you could do this with tags, but it would be more user friendly if it was its own feature. Even better if it related to the Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important matrix. This would really help with deciding which of your billion tasks to start with.

Custom fields could match your needs but this is a premium feature.

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It doesn’t seem to because the options for finding/sorting custom fields are so limited.

I too would like to be able to sort my tasks by Urgent and Important. I’d Love to see a 2d graph with points representing all my tasks by priority (representing importance), and due date (representing urgency).

Me three!

Hey @Shelley_Brook1, @Joshua_E_Smith and @Andrew_Bovey, if you’re still interested in creating an Eisenhower Matrix, consider this:

For a short video of this new Asana2Go feature:
Demo/How-To Video - Asana2Go: Create Your Eisenhower (Urgent-Important) Matrix
Note: The video shows the use of a custom field, but if you prefer you can instead assign a tag of either Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4 to achieve the same effect.

So as not to divert this thread’s topic/discussion, please find more info, and confine any discussion of Asana2Go’s mind map features, to that new thread.


Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi

Hi Larry, we just came up to implement the Eisenhower Matrix for our business. Thanks for the chance to display it with Asana2Go. But even better it would be for us if Asana would implement that feature. So we get the chance to display and move the tasks/goals within the visual matrix. There is a tool that makes this really good. I would put all my fingers up for voting that Asana would integrate such a visual matrix feature. Look at: https://university.hygger.io/en/articles/2461512-value-vs-effort

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