🌋 My biggest productivity trick for 2021

What is my biggest productivity trick for 2021 in #asana? Glad you asked!

Create a project with a priority custom field (with an option for High, possibily High-Medium-Low), and move into that project anything that is not urgent, and unassign the task from you.

As a result, your My Tasks view will be emptied of almost everything, and you’ll feel better instantly. Whenever you have a moment, open the project and tackle the tasks from top to bottom.

You’ll quickly realize that what you considered to be a High priority, well, it seated for two weeks in the project without being done and the world is still spinning :man_shrugging:


#truth - I love this approach!

My approach requires a bit more discipline in that I rely on my daily shutdown (and weekly reset) to address the urgency I set for tasks and then throughout the day I work off a Board where my work is filtered to today and sorted by priority.

I’m slightly disappointed that I am not your productivity trick for 2021 :frowning: - it is probably a fair argument that dealing with me has been the complete opposite of that! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You are too hard on yourself!

When My Tasks v2 will be released to me, I’ll probably rework that trick!


It might work for me, too, however, it gave me an idea about prioritizing based on the important/urgent quadrants (important+urgent, important+not urgent, etc) - or the 80/20 rule… Thanks for the tip

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The good old Eisenhower matrix :+1:

@Csapo_Krisztina, In case it’s of interest:


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I follow a similar approach, whereby I keep the high/medium/low in a kanban board.
What is most important emerges at the top, and I’ll assign it to myself so that it shows in my tasks.

Thanks for the suggestion to unassign… this is the missing bit for me that I’ll apply rightaway :slight_smile: