Feature request: Due date + Do date

  • Use case: In our team there’s two different dates for a task: The due date (when the task is finally due) and the date when a team member plans to get that task done.
  • Feature: We would love the ability to add a custom date field, so that a task can have a DUE date, and a DO date.
  • Impact: This would have a huge impact on our team. We often struggle with tasks becoming urgent at some point, because team members kind of “forget” to do tasks that have a due date, let’s say, at the end of the month … and they start working on that tasks maybe just one day before the due date, and that’s often way too late to get the task done in time. Of course it’s also a problem with their self managing but I think a due date and a do date would help all team members to better plan their own workload.
  • Workarounds: I sometimes use tags, and e.g. tag a task with “TODAY”, so that I know I want to to it today or “TOMORROW”.

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