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Hi there, I’ve been a user of Asana for many years. I’ve also been involved in the development of Goals. One thing that frustrates me is every time I need a pretty basic feature this happens:

  1. it isnt there
  2. its already been requested
  3. Its always ‘been added to the request list’
  4. Years on, it never gets done

On researching this within this forum, there are a lot of similar frustrations out there. There is a suggestion that there should be a focus on improving the core tool, rather than new feature development (an example is Goals, which as an OKR consultant, isn’t that good anyway). It would be good if there was a published future dev list to see if there is progress being made.

The real concern is that the requested features don’t appear to be that dramatic and should be there anyway (this was prompted by the request to select all entries in Timeline view, which is not easily achieved - I can’t believe this feature would be required by many users).

The thing is, in my job, I get to use other tools. I’ve just signed up to Notion for another project, and their fairly new Timeline feature. I just tested this and guess what…

I am finding other tools are better in a lot of aspects and find myself as a loyal Asana user not selecting it as a first choice anymore…

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I would love to see the roadmap - @Emily_Roman is this something that the team is able to share (even if it is a high level what’s being worked on from the features requested?)

Hi @David_Anderson12 and @Becky_Manson, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We currently don’t share our roadmap publicly but we have plans to revamp our Product Feedback category this year to give you more visibility into what has been requested and what’s in our plans, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

If you are interested, please have a look at how we develop our roadmap and how we use your feedback, here: How Asana co-creates our product with customers

As a reminder, as an Asana Ambassador you get exclusive access to feature previews before we launch them in the Ambassador Forum. You can become an Ambassador by completing this quick orientation course.

Lastly, I’d highly recommend you following the News category as we announce every new feature and update as soon as we start rolling them out in Asana!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m only a DM away!


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