Favoriting a portfolio



Is there a way to add a portfolio to my list of favorited projects on the side bar? It’s extra clicks if I’m going back and forth into projects and portfolios (just went through to update all statuses, and had to keep clicking back into Portfolios > current portfolio to view the list)


Hi @Mary_Angela_Fisher :wave:t3:

It’s not possible at the moment, but we took note of your feedback and will consider it for future improvements!

All the best!


This would be really helpful for the software company I work for too. We have a portfolio we use to review all key initiatives being worked on by our Senior Leadership Team and the contributors are finding it annoying to go through a couple more clicks to get to something they want and think should logically be saved in the sidebar.


Hi @Mary_Angela_Fisher and @amescoop; just wanted to let you know that you can now favorite your Portfolios! More info in this thread: You can now Favorite and Export your Portfolios to CSV!