Exporting/printing a task list

Hi. Struggling to find in the features help pages a way to export (ideally) or print a project task list for use outside Asana or for those without asana access. Can anyone help?

Hi @Will_Sopwith

There are a few options . . .

  1. Export the project to CSV. You’ll find this option in the drop-down next to the project’s title:


  1. Export to the Bridge24 integration. Bridge24 does the same sort of thing as a CSV export, but with some additional options.
  2. Three Dots: Three Dots lets you turn an Asana project into a simple web page, accessible to anyone.

Hope that’s helpful! :+1:

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cc @lpb you might be interested by this thread :wink:
Thanks Mark for mentioning 3dots :slight_smile:


@Will_Sopwith, in addition to the options @Mark_Hudson has listed, I have a brand new solution for this (and more) that is in a limited beta test right now. It will be more widely available late next week, but I’ll private message you now with details.



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Thanks all

Also if you are a Windows environment check do search for My Gift To Community CSV to PDF Converter

There must be a way to create a simple todo list, sorted by whatever (usually date), without brain damage?

I understand that it is possible to export subsets of Asana tasks into supported interop formats (like CSV) and manipulate them using 3rd party apps… But we’re talking about a simple todo list in a task management app!

I’m amazed it already isn’t there. But all it would take would be a simple “Print w/o Details” button and we’re done.


I am looking for this also. I want to export to Excel a list of all the tasks (date, title, assignee, due date) for incomplete tasks due in the next 60 days. At one point I did a find/sort by date and was able to simply copy/paste from the screen and drop it into Excel, but that is unreliable; it’s not working today.
This should be under Reports. Just make a very flexible Reporting function with export to CSV, Excel, PDF, RTF, etc.

Not by project - all tasks for any project due in the next X number of days.

@Valerie_Taylor, and others,


Also, as @Mark_Hudson previously mentioned:

Hope that helps,


When I go to the Asana2Go page, there’s this:
" This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support."

This functionality should be built in to Asana. I am not prepared to make my company’s systems vulnerable to get this functionality. Maybe Asana will buy your product and incorporate it.

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I understand, @Valerie_Taylor.

Just for the benefit of anyone reading, I’ve taken every precaution with Asana2Go; it stores no data, uses no server (other than the Google Chrome server all extensions use), and I don’t believe it adds any vulnerability.

Humor: Perhaps I’ll add this fineprint disclaimer to www.asana2go.com:

"The Asana app is built by a third-party. Asana2Go does not warrant, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this app (though we do endorse it). Contact the app developer for details and support. "