Exporting a Portfolio for Google/PPT Slides

I’d like to find a way to export visuals from our portfolios to share when we’re presenting to our president and executive leadership. The google sheet export is too data/raw looking and adding google sheet tables is too manual. Right now we’re just taking screen shots but the formatting isn’t great. Does anyone have suggestions or tips for how they share their portfolio progress with stakeholders?

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Hi @Sasha_Flores :wave:

I would suggest inviting them to access the portfolio and its different views :wink:

@Sasha_Flores - which visuals are you talking about?

The list view? Timeline?

If it’s the dashboard, each reporting chart has an option to “Download Image”. You have to do them chart by chart, 1 at a time, but it’s a start. :slight_smile:

But, yes, I definitely recommend bringing them into Asana as @Arthur_BEGOU suggested, if that’s an option.

You could even create a reporting dashboard specific to the data they want to see.

Thanks Bryan and @Arthur_BEGOU. Inviting them isn’t exactly my goal. I work for a community college and we’d like to be able to report to leadership across our college and our district. Is there a way to invite others to view the portfolio without having a paid account?

Downloading the individual graphs from the dashboard are great but I’m specifically talking about the list view. Right now we’re taking screen shots of the list because it’s more visually expressive. What I’d love is a way to just download the List view as is, with the color coding and icons and status bubbles.

@Sasha_Flores - Two thoughts for you:

  1. When you referred to the Google Sheets export – are you actually using the CSV export or the Google Sheets sync?

With the google sheets sync, you can morph and adapt the google sheets to be displayed as simply or as beautifully as you’d like. Google Sheets has huge design flexibility. Then you can share directly from there.

  1. If you were talking about Google Sheets and it just doesn’t work for you for some reason, I’d be interested in meeting with you for a few minutes to get a stronger idea of exactly what you’d need to see. My team built a tool called Supersana, and we’re working on a new feature set called “Super-Share” that will allow you to share quick and easy exports from portfolios, projects, tasks, etc. So, since we’re in the middle of building this, I’d LOVE your input. If you’re up for a 10-15 min conversation to understand exactly what you are looking for and how you’d imagine using it, let me know and I’ll message you.

By the way, to say thanks for your time, I’d like to either send you a $50 gift card or give you a free year of Supersana.