Export Dashes

I have been a loyal Asana user for years and I’m in desperate need for the ability to export project status pages, as well as portfolio status pages in a format that matches how they look in asana.

I frequently need to use project statuses for presentations and in decks, and I need to recreate the information that already exists in Asana. The export for the portfolios to google is useless… it’s not an accurate representation and isn’t visually appealing. The ability to export as a slide would be invaluable.

Hi @DevinH1215, Have a look at the following, which may address some (but not all) of your needs:



Thank you - I actually already use Asana2Go, but for some reason completely missed the dashboard option!


How do you select multiple projects? I’m only able to get a single task when I try to do this…

Did you watch the demo/explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5CkwDkUV5o

The first half covers how to set this up and show multiple projects.

Feel free to PM me if still unclear.