Export .csv task order modified since new sections implementation

Hi @lpb,

I can confirm we have escalated this issue (this is actually the case for all threads in #bugs:current-bugs) but looks our team hasn’t had a chance to prioritise it yet. I’ll make sure to highlight it again to help speed up the process but I can’t guarantee when this will be fixed as we have some strict priorization process in place for bugs! Rest ensured that @Natalia and I are keeping a close eye on it and will update this thread as soon as we have some update!


Much appreciated, @Marie and @Natalia!

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Thank you @Marie.
I did have an intern to reorder all of the task that we generate during our calls with clients (we then export and send them the summary of all tasks discuss in spreadsheet).
She’s leaving February 16th… hopefully the situation will be solve prior her departure or I’ll need to hire a full time employee to reorder the tasks :crazy_face:

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Happy Friday @Sebastien_Levesque, @Lena_Halvax, @Dawn_Priddey, @Sophie_Tan, @Jeni_Johnson, @Stephanie_Oberg, @TJ_Rikli and @lpb!

Jumping here to let you know that I got a confirmation from the Team that has pushed a fix and this should now be resolved.

Can you please confirm if this has been resolved for you?

Thank you for your patience and help! Looking forward to your reply!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your attention to this and the development team prioritizing. Tell them thank you from all of us!

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Perfect timing! our intern is leaving today! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for having prioritized this bug and fixing it! We really appreciate it :slight_smile:.

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I did a quick test, it appears to be fixed. Did not do exhaustive testing, I will leave that to the Asana QA team. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your follow-ups! I’m marking this Bug as resolved. Have a great Friday everybody! :grinning: