Export CSV not working

“Your CSV is being generated. You will get an email when it is finished.” message but never receive an email with the CSV.

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Depending on the project size that you are exporting it can take a while. Have you checked your spam folder as well?
Search for emails from no-reply@asana.com
In case you cannot locate it I recommend trying the export again.
And if you still do not receive it best to reach out to Asana Support so they can take a look :slight_smile:

How long is it reasonable to wait? For me it’s been over 3 hours now. Nothing i spam folder either.

Just trying to put this on a forum because I couldn’t find an answer and realized later, it’s because my project is huge when considering completed tasks, but I didn’t think about that, and only wanted to export the tasks I was looking at.

If this is what you meant to do it, it’s simple enough workaround. Create another project, highlight the tasks you want to export, add them to the other project, and export that new project. It’ll likely go directly a .csv file and be instant.

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If there aren’t too many rows to export and you’re selecting them (as in @anon70643459’s suggestion), you can just directly export them to CSV with my Asana2Go (free to most):

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