Expandable subtasks on list view forces custom fields of parent task to be displayed in subtasks - PLEASE REVERT

Today I saw the following announcement in my Asana view:
“NEW! See project subtasks on List View. Break down tasks into individual parts and understand progress at a glance.”

This sounds great, but unfortunately alongside this useful change the way custom fields are displayed in subtasks has completely changed and made our entire process utterly unusable.
Up until now custom fields were tied to the project the task was in.
Now this was changed and all the custom fields I have set up in the parent task are now being displayed in the subtasks as well. My subtasks are part of another project so that they have different custom fields. Now I have a complete mess of custom fields in all my tasks and it’s impossible to distinguish the different layers of work we had designed.

I understand that some people would like to inherit the parent tasks’ custom fields, but this needs to be configurable in the custom field setup area!
Asana has always preached in this forum here that in order for subtasks to have custom fields, they need to be added to another project. I followed this approach and now I am suddenly left without a functioning process in production.
Please revert this ASAP until inheritance of custom fields is properly configurable. A U-turn of functionality like this is absolutely not acceptable. We are now having huge process issues and are left without a workflow from one day to the other!

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