Everything you need to know about Asana's subtasks with Bastien & Larry

Where can you go to get all your (and anyone else’s) questions on subtasks answered? Why, right here, of course:

We’re finally making good on our promise from the premier Your Asana Coffee With … Larry Berger video podcast to provide one-stop shopping for all your subtasks needs: everything you need to know to be successful with subtasks in Asana.

We cover the topics using this simple agenda and simultaneously demo almost all the details:

  • 03:15 - Our take (use subtasks, but understand how, and any tradeoffs)
  • 06:06 - Good uses for subtasks, recommendations, and best practices
  • 37:07 - Misconceptions and unknowns about subtasks
  • 47:34 - Caveats

And the running time came in more than eleven hours ahead of our stated goal of twelve hours :slight_smile:

Watch to become a Subtasks Savant!

Larry & Bastien


Two of Asana’s top experts explaining one of the most key topics!
I click on “Bookmark this tab” :wink:

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This is great. I see many people in our organization struggle with subtasks and you did a great job summarizing use cases and challenges that I will in turn use to help others. Thanks!


That’s just what we like to hear, @Scott_Clark! Thanks for posting…

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This is great, thanks for sharing.

One huge benefits of having subs as parents in the same project is so you can see the CF values without expanding, or if it is filtered.

I also like using subtasks as an ideation process using approval tasks for Needed, Not Sure, Not Needed. Possible 15 things needed for this project, during discovery, mark them as needed or not (via the approval tasks). Then build out the project based on the discovery.

Larry’s multi-line subtask title would be great for the ideation approval :point_up_2: when you want to list out what that need is. Also great for approvals.

Approvals as subs can be added via automation when a parent is moving through a kanban and in and out of an Awaiting Approval section, you can add more subs. Great if something gets rejected, you can automate further approval requests.

I wish you could LOCK parents when subs are not complete.


Thanks; great additions, @Getz_Pro!