Error When Attempting to Add Asana Connector to SharePoint Site

We are evaluating Asana to help our organization’s workflow improve. When trying to add a connector to Asana in our M365 SharePoint site, I am receiving “Something went wrong” Errors. This happens after successfully logging in with my Asana account within the connector. This happens when I go to configure the Asana connector and choose the site, projects and notifications I want to receive alerts about, then save the configuration. When I click Save, it thinks for a second, then generates the error. The error messages aren’t very helpful, it just states, “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again”. followed by the following information: RequestId, Server, and a timestamp.

We are able to attach files from our SharePoint site within Asana, but the problem occurs when I try to add the Asana Web part to our site. I’ve tried removing the connector and going through the process again, I’ve tried doing it through a different browser, but the error continues. I am a global administrator for our M 365 and have successfully added Asana to Teams, Outlook and OneDrive. I’ve granted the proper permissions for the connector as well. I’ve looked at the sign in logs corresponding to the times when I have tried setting up the SharePoint connector and I don’t see any errors and it shows that sign-in was successful. So I’m stumped right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Our organization happens to be having the same issue. I have a ticket open with Asana to see if I can get anywhere.

The problem seems to have resolved itself after an unknown amount of time passed. I still receive the error, but after checking our SharePoint page the following day, it is now populating tasks.

I’m having the same issue. How long did it take for the issue to resolve?

I can’t recall. It was at least a few hours. But the integration only displays information about tasks from your Asana account. It doesn’t have any interaction between Asana and SharePoint, like being able to update tasks from within your SharePoint site. Being able to display tasks is nice, but I was hoping for more functionality.

Onboarding a new company to Asana and Day 3, I cant access Sharepoint connector and receive an error. What is the solution?