Asana on SharePoint Page (365 Connectors) issue

Hello Asana fam,

I’m having issue by passing this portion where I press “Log in”, it seems to disappear but not really log my account all the way in. Therefore, the 365 connector do not show up on my SharePoint page.

Anyone else know how to resolve this issue? Trying to figure out if this is a Microsoft fix or Asana.

Thank you so much,

(image attached)

Hi JP - I’m having the same issue here. I thought it may have been a setting within my companies SharePoint but after seeing your post I no longer think that. I’m also curious if this is a Microsoft or Asana issue.

I just found this, I think I need to contact sales to actually have it work via Asana’s end.

Did you manage to resolve this?

Not really, but I think it’s a paid feature our company has not yet been signed up to. I’m not sure if we also will pursue it unless this is for free. Ty!