Enhance Duplicate Task to take "new" data / fields

Hi all!

We’re using the Asana Rest API (and NodeJS client, where possible) to instrument some of our workflows and so far it’s worked really well. One thing we cannot do, however, is use the API to create tasks using Task Templates (especially with subtasks, but other fields be nice). That’ll get it’s own post, but in the meantime we solved another way.

Currently, we’re using the duplicate endpoint, which works well for most the fields. However, it has 2 serious limitations:

  1. It doesn’t support duplicating Custom Fields
  2. More importantly – it doesn’t support providing any data other than the fields to copy (yay) and the name of the new task. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it does suck that we need to make a second PUT operation if we want to change anything else on the duped task.

It’d be nice super nice if we could override fields (even if only fields that are not in the include body property) and also include custom_fields.