Engineering Change Order - Project Board

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I am looking to see if I can implement an ECO (Engineering Change Order) Process in Asana.
Has anyone done this before and have tips and tricks.


Hi Kate !

did you get a good answer here? I’m responsible for engineering for a maritime company, and we’ve been integrating all of our processes into Asana (ship design, construction, operation, drydocks, etc.) - I don’t know exactly what your change order process looks like, but I might be able to share something that could help.

Thanks for your help. I ended up building my own. But we think from a business POV we are best off building a microsoft workflow at this point due to the data requirements and maybe track workflow in ASANA in Phase 2 of the roll out.
I would be interested in your thoughts.

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Hi Cate (Sorry for the K not C in the last post!),

I think I see where your coming from. I don’t think we are anywhere near as integrated with software as your company is/was leading up to using Asana - we’ve been a pencil-and-paper, whiteboard sort of project management organization, with the majority of our project management tasks organized in Microsoft Project leading up to getting involved (now heavily) with Asana. We are following projects concept-to-delivery in Asana - I can basically trace finished projects back to the first idea we had to dig into them as a possibility. Change orders, for us, working between two entities inside of the same organization (our fleet and our shipyard) have been relatively easy - we create a task within a project to assess a deviation from our specification, the shipyard evaluates it, quotes it, provides backup (spreadsheets, drawings, photos) and we move forward or table it as a live task - with as much depth as is needed within the task itself. I like starting with Asana to begin with, because you don’t have a transition from concept to production; all of the pieces are there, all the time.