Email-to-Task with a Table


I’ve been using the email-to-task feature for a while. In it’s current use, the email that is sent includes a table, but we had issues with how the table was brought into Asana, so we had it sent with the email itself as an attachment. However, I am wondering if there is a way to get the table to be migrated into Asana correctly, as an actual table in the Description box - or if it is an issue with the formatting of the table in the email itself. Any one have experience with this? Thanks!

Hi @TJ_WaterMan. There is a current discussion on this with an upvote to get it added. Add a table to the task description. Also a potential workaround option is suggested.


Thanks, I did find some of those discussions after I posted this. I guess it’s still a fundamental issue of the type of rich text that is supported in the Asana text boxes themselves? Thank you!

I take a screenshot of the table and attach the image to the email to Asana. I learned it from my colleague. Not addressing the root cause, but at least the table looks good :smiley:

Well, if I have the email to task set up as a rule in Outlook, the Snip idea won’t work because it’s already sent to Asana. I’m trying to ultimately automate as much as possible. It doesn’t help much to automate an email-to-task if I still have to go in and do a screen cap and edit the content of the task to match. Right?

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