Edition's history of a custom field: how can I know which modifications have been made?


Changes have been made to a custom field as shown in the black history window.

But how do you know what has been changed? (to go back to the initial state of the custom field)

I’m looping in other folks here in case anyone can think of a solution: @Phil_Seeman, @Julien_RENAUD, @Jerod_Hillard, @Bernie_Orelup, @lpb, @Bastien_Siebman, @Jason_Woods


Nice addition!


I voted; thanks @Julien_RENAUD. I’m afraid I have no solution. The change provided is helpful, but not helpful enough without seeing the deltas like with Stories where, say, the Description is changed and you see the prior value.

But those are also flawed due to the rolling-up of changes so, again, it’s not possible to see the full deltas.

Finally, it would be nice to learn about product changes formally from Asana; there are great processes in place; was this one missed out by mistake, or is there a gap?




I am not sure I get your frustration. Like always, I prefer to have this feature now and the rest later rather than having everything later :slight_smile:


I think you misunderstood my post. No frustration, just agreement and further requests:

  • I’d like to see the deltas too, as @Julien_RENAUD requested
  • I said the current feature is helpful; no mention that I didn’t want to have it unless there was more functionality too. You mention “have the rest later” but we don’t actually know that anything is planned (yet).
  • I’m specifying I’d prefer that deltas, if added, are not done with 24-hour batching, as they have been in a similar feature, Stories, which @Phil_Seeman has also repeatedly raised.




What he said.

I like all of these requests.

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