easter eggs or secret codes?

When we get an error 500 from the api, they always come with a funny “phrase”, like:

2 gentle stingrays moan rarely
16 rabid elephants chuckle wildly
21 kind turkeys chuckle madly
7 bashful marmots gather shyly
7 dry klingons flee madly
8 fearless goblins roar poorly
13 gentle cougars arise wildly
12 filthy stingrays shrug wildly
26 odd dolphins cheer quietly
17 goofy raccoons wave fast
22 cagey turkeys howl easily
25 meek mice march monthly
2 bumpy sheep attack blindly
16 bizarre swans buzz well

Do these phrases really means something to asana developers, to help them find the issue, or is it only a random phrase auto-generated on each error? :slight_smile:

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I am 95% sure they do each represent specific unique locations or error conditions in the Asana source code.

@Ross_Grambo is that right?


That’s correct @Phil_Seeman, they all represent specific errors, you can think of them as individual error messages :slight_smile:


That is a way for Asana to make it easier for users to communicate about a specific error message, rather than giving some not user friendly IDs or something.

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and much more entertaining


And then bugs became unicorn sneezes :unicorn: