Easily Move Columns to Another Project


We have 3 separate projects, Customer Feedback, In Development, and Past Releases.

We use Customer Feedback to prioritize our development effort, and we move all the feedback that will be incorporated in the next release cycle into a single column.

We would love to be able to easily move this column from the Customer Feedback project to the In Development project.

Once in In Development we move the tasks through Currently Implementing, Ready to Push to Staging, Ready to Test, and Ready to Release columns.

After a release it would be great to move the Ready to Release column to the Past Releases project, where we then add the release date to the column name so we can track when we released certain features.

The ability to easily move a column from one project to another would clean up our projects, help us stay organized, and save us many hours every week.


Hi @Steve_Johnson,

I’m always a little hesitant to respond to threads in Product Feedback with workarounds because I feel it sometimes muddies the water for people looking for votes and are already aware of workarounds. If you’re interested in a fairly easy way to do this using Advanced Search, let me know.


Thanks for your feedback @Steve_Johnson and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands, we don’t have an option allowing you to easily move a column from one project to another, however, I can see how useful it would be for you and your team. We will definitely take your feedback on board for future improvements; thanks again for sharing your feedback with us and for taking the time to provide us with context too!

As @RyanE mentioned, there is a workaround (see below) you can use, but I hope we can simplify this process in the future!


Project A: Project where tasks are currently located
Project B: Project where you want to move your tasks

  1. Open project B and create a new column
  2. Open the Advanced Search and run a Search for all tasks nested in project A column (you can easily filter tasks by adding Project A in the “Project” field and select the relevant columns in the Project drop-down menu)
  3. Multi-select all tasks
  4. Open the project field and add these tasks to Project B (make sure to use the drop down menu to select the column you created in Step 1
  5. While you have the project field open, remove Project A from the Project field, this way your task will appear in Project B but not in Project A anymore!

Hope this helps!


Thanks! That helped me clean up my existing projects :slight_smile: