Duplicate a project, not all of dependencies copy over

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I duplicate a specific project, most but not all of the dependencies copy over. There are about 20 tasks this happens with.

Steps to reproduce: Duplicate project plan. Wait until I receive email stating project is completed to make sure I waited long enough for all dependencies to copy over.

Browser version: Firefox and Chrome

Upload screenshots below:
Main Project Plan Template:

When project is duplicated:

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Hi @Alisha_Bach :wave:t3:

Can you confirm wether or not you’ve checked the “Dependencies” box when duplicating your project?

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Hi Marie,

Yes, I have checked that box. The vast majority of tasks that have dependencies copied over correctly, but about 20 did not. There are over 60-75 tasks in total with 3 main dependencies, I have them split into 3 sections - where a # of tasks are all dependent on 1 task in that section.

Thanks for the follow-up @Alisha_Bach,

That does sound strange indeed! In order to investigate the issue further, we would need access to some personal information that can’t be shared publicly in the Forum, so looks like our support team will be in a better position to help! In order to speed up investigations on their end, could you please provide them with the following information?

  • URL of the original project
  • URL of the duplicate project
  • URL of a task from the original project containing a dependency and the URL of the same task in the duplicate project where the dependency is missing?

Again, so sorry for the trouble and for not being able to help you further via the Forum! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!

Have a great day!


Thank you Marie - I will follow-up with the support team. Thank you for your help.