"Due date is approaching" rule = rule broken

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Auto-promotion in MyTasks has be deprecated, and so I’m following the steps as directed in the video tutorial to add the “due date is approaching” rule. No matter what combination I try, I get the same result: “rule broken: this section no longer exists”.

Steps to reproduce: My Tasks > Customize > Add Rule > “due date is approaching” > select any combination > “rule broken: this section no longer exists”

Browser version: Chrome, Version 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Anima_Sarah_LaVoy, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble here! It looks like you are attempting to move your tasks to the Section “Upcoming 30 Days” which no longer exists.

Is there an active “Upcoming 30 Days” Section in your My Tasks?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,

I am also experiencing this issue. What do you mean by an “active” section? I am selecting a section that appears in My Tasks.

I have even attempted creating a new section and creating a rule with the new section but I see the same error message.

Also, if a section “no longer exists” it should not be presented as an option in the select field on the Rule form.

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Hi all, thanks for the updates here!

Could you please confirm if this issue is occurring in a “Personal Projects” Organization or another type of Workspace/Organization?

A long time ago we used to create a “Personal Projects” Organization for all users next to their other Workspaces/Organizations. This being said, however, we do not support the “Personal Projects” spaces anymore. As this is an old feature, there might be some odd behavior, e.g. the issue you are running into now.

I would strongly suggest creating a new Workspace/Organization and exporting your projects/tasks into the new space. This should resolve the issue :slight_smile:

I’m also having this issue. Now that the automatic moving to today and upcoming has been deprecated, I was prompted to create rules for these options. When I set them up, they automatically say “rule is broken” and “this section no longer exists.”
Asana no longer exists

I’m seeing this in a Personal Projects organization. The other organizations I’m in don’t have this new rules feature yet so I can’t confirm whether it’s broken there.

Is there an officially supported path for migrating away from Personal Projects? Last I checked, there was only a third party tool that had a number of issues IIRC.


Thanks for confirming this, @Dan_Ports! At this time, there is no definite path for migrating away from Personal Projects. I would suggest using Ditto, a third party tool.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am also experiencing this issue. Whichever rule I create it then marks it as broken because “the section no longer exists” despite it exists.

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Please consider the user experience for personal projects users: happily using Asana until one day a piece of core functionality breaks, and we learn that the way we’re using the software is no longer supported. A deprecation notice would have been appreciated. I manage my life with Asana, and it’s going to take serious effort to figure out next steps after this - all while this core piece of life infrastructure is broken. I realize that I’m not your target market and have no hard feelings about this issue, but it still hurts.


Also affected by this issue with Personal Projects and the new workspaces. Very, very, frustrated.

A) How was I to know that “Personal Projects” was deprecated? I don’t recall receiving any prompt in the application to migrate/upgrade away from this setup- and as you pointed out, there is no migration path!

B) Just want to add to the voices here and on twitter regarding the way this feature was rolled out. Very weird to break a core functionality - at the very least, there should have been default rules setup (and working!) for every user that replicated the way the application has worked for YEARS.


I’m also affected by this issue on the “Personal Projects” workspace. Overall, in my opinion, Asana did a big mess with the latest updates. Removing the special sections (“Today”, “Upcoming” and “Later”) and disabling the automatic surfacing of tasks by default created a lot of frustration on the company I work for. Our team depends on Asana for day-to-day organization and the latest changes breaks everyone’s workflow, adding friction where it should be smooth. Moreover, it was rolled-out as a forced update: no opt-in, not gathering feedback from users, etc. On the forums I see that instead of providing a fix, Asana just says “that’s the way it is. take it or leave it”. Most probably leaving it will be the choice many will take.


Yes, this is personal projects. The same personal projects space I have used…SINCE 2011… :open_mouth: to manage the tasks across my personal life.

Having the personal projects space has MADE the value proposition super compelling to onboard multiple startups and corporate teams to Asana. The idea is, then I can keep everything in one place. What’s the proposed solution now: Am I to pay for a seat for my lonesome? As well as the two start ups which I set up with paid accounts? So three?


Ok, correction, I’m seeing I can create a workspace for free. Great. But it’s going to take porting over thousands of tasks and archives so I will be needing to use the Ditto tool, or another.


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