Due Date and Review date on timeline view

Hi All,

I am working on a project which has a Due date and a review date which is one week prior to the due date for every individual task. I want to show both dates on the timeline view so that as a Lead when someone validates the timeline view they know when to have the deliverables reviewed. Please advice. Thanks!

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Hi @Ankita_Dash_choudhur welcome to the forum.
You cannot show both on a timeline easily. You could use a subtask which means that when you drop down the main task on a timeline it would show. The alternative is to have a separate full task sadly.

Hi @Danielle-GenD , thank you for your response. Could you please let me know if it’s possible in the calendar view? I also created a sub task and tried checking the same on the calendar view but was not able to view the sub-task.

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HI @Ankita_Dash_choudhur this is currently not possible in calendar view.