Download Social media calendar template


I am trying to download the Social Media Calander: Free Social Media Content Calendar Template [2023] • Asana

When I press Use this template a pop up comes up where I can try asana for free.
I already have asana and I am loged in.
How do I download the template?

Thank you

Welcome :wave:
You create a new project in Asana and choose from the list of available templates. You can also find many other templates on my website :slight_smile:

Hi @Samir_Nezic and thanks for reaching out! I’m running into the same issue than you, so looks like we have a bug there! Since we’re both Premium users we should have direct access to this template instead of being redirected to sign up for trial!

I’ve gone ahead and opened a bug with our Developement Team to get this fixed and moved this thread to the #bugs:current-bugs category! I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end!

In the meantime, you should be able to use this template following the steps: Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Thanks again for reporting this issue; I should be in touch soon with more updates regarding this issue!

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