Do not require login to view the forum

While trying to figure out if Asana is right for my team, I kept coming across forum discussions, but in most categories there’s a full-page modal requiring login.

This is an unnecessary and aggravating obstacle to learning about Asana functionality, intentionally built user hostile. All from a company purporting to be about maximizing productivity.

Feature request: Let people read what’s on your forum.

This was introduced a while back, I am not sure Asana will officially comment on this but that seems like a necessary step to build a strong community. It makes it easier to also analyse what people are looking at, and will make it easier for you to comment. While I understand the frustration, I also understand Asana’s choice.

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@rgov Understand the frustration, you can always use a free account?

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Hi @rgov, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Your feedback is really important in our efforts to improve the Forum experience for all users.

At the moment, our Tips and Tricks and Product Feedback category are exclusive for users who have a Forum account. Everyone can get access to view and comment on these categories by quickly connecting the Forum to an Asana account.

This is something we are not planning to discontinue at the moment, but we will consider your feedback when implementing any updates in the future!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m only a DM away!

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