Do not delete stories when deleting tasks

When a task is deleted a ‘task update’ is added to the comment thread area. Says “X user deleted the task,” just as it would when a task is moved to another section, assigned, due date added etc. It’s the ‘paper’ trail of the task.

You’ll see this when you go into deleted tasks and view the task.

However, if you undelete the task, this particular ‘update’ disappears from the tasks history. It then looks like the task was never deleted.

When a task accidentally or even maliciously is deleted this can affect the integrity of a task and this notation can be important to addressing an issue, whether explaining why something hasn’t been done yet, or inappropriate activity.

I don’t understand why a notation that was there would then be removed.

Hi @Chris_Barreda and thank you so much for your feedback. This is currently the expected behaviour for all task stories, but I can see how useful it would specifically with deleted tasks! While I don’t believe we’ve planned to update this feature in the near future, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

The confusion is that just as any other action, deleting a task, creates a story note, but why does that note then get deleted, when it is revived?

I agree with your suggestion to maintain the integrity of the task history. It would work best with a series of design choices such as being able to collapse the history easily, and adding more control options over task deletion.