Dependencies in Templates Not Working

Hey all! I’m John, the tech lead at Asana responsible for our templates work. I just wanted to clear up the confusion here:

Task template dependencies - when you define a template you can only define dependencies between things that are created by that template. Our reasoning here was that it didn’t make sense to be able to mark a task template as dependent on an actual task in Asana, as once you complete that actual task your template would be created with a dependency that had already been resolved. If you have a usecase that requires you to define task templates that are dependent on existing Asana tasks we’d love to hear that feedback.

Project Templates dependencies - we are continually working to improve Asana’s template features. I can confirm that defining dependencies between tasks in project templates is a core usecase, and that we will continue fully supporting that as we make other improvements to project templates. Occasionally we will run opt in beta tests of new features under active development to get feedback, and those beta versions will sometimes be missing features that will be present at launch due to development timelines. I’ll have someone from the team running the beta follow up with you on specifics of your situation.