Delete Teams not listed in Admin Console

On my home page there are many teams listed that are not current employee created. We just got our Asana membership so these must have been created in the past on free accounts. Is there a way to delete these? They do not appear on my Admin Console.

If you see the teams, can you access their settings and delete them?

I can only see them on a list on the side of my home page they are not on the Admin Page. Is there a way to delete from there?

I am not sure what it means, maybe @Rebecca_McGrath can help. In the mean time, try to click on the team and access the settings from the dropdown next to the team name.

There is not a drop down option. I have attached screenshots of the area where the teams are at

As you can see there are no drop downs

You should be able to click “Plan B” (the name, not the arrow) and then click the arrow on the right hand side of the team name at the top of the screen.

For dealers and marketing, you’ll have to request to join first and be accepted.

We can not join the teams because the employees are no longer with the company & their emails are no longer active

Then just contact support, that’s the official way of handling such a situation.

Thank you I will reach out to support.