Delete task - subtasks don't get deleted

Removing a task doesn’t remove any subtask… even if we confirm we want to delete the take permanently and the alert message says it will remove them…it doesn’t which is a big problem cause it creates many many orphaned subtasks. Have you heard of this issue? To give you a bit more context, all the tasks and subtasks are added in different projects (we use one project per team member to replace my tasks)


I think the key part of your post is:

subtasks are added in different projects

If you permanently delete a task with subtasks, I just tested and you’re right that any subtasks that are attached to a project will not get deleted. I suspect that’s “as designed” and not a bug, because technically those subtasks are top-level tasks in the project where they’re attached. I agree it’s an odd scenario.

@Marie what do you think? As designed? Possible bug?

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Thanks for your answer @Phil_Seeman . @Marie I would assume 99% of people using subtasks intend to have it linked to the parent task no matter what happens. Why people would create subtasks otherwise, they would just use normal tasks.

Overall I think when a task or a subtask is “DELETED” that should be everywhere, there is no reason for it stays in other projects. But when using the function “REMOVING” from a project then it makes sense they stay in others.

Honestly, if this is intentional, then it completely lacks logic.

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Would be great to have an update/guidance on this issue @Marie please

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Apologies for missing this thread last week. @Phil_Seeman is correct here!

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This is bad. I wish there was a prompt that asks if we want to delete subtasks too because as a user, that is what everyone assumed would happen and now we have a lot of frustrated people with orphan tasks all over the place. How do we put in a feature request?


Start a new topic in the Product Feedback forum section with this request.

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