Automatically deleting subtasks when a parent task is deleted

Currently, when I delete a parent task, the subtask survive. This results in there being a lot of “orphaned” subtasks with no parent task. We would like the option to delete all the subtask at the same time as deleting the parent task.

I wonder if there is some misunderstanding, as I do not believe that the behavior you describe is standard. When I delete a task that has (non-project-homed) subtasks, all the subtasks are deleted at the same time.

Maybe this will help: Delete task - subtasks don't get deleted

Hi, it’s probably because your task is in one project only. We use projects to have personal and team folders. Therefore, all our tasks and subtasks are une more than one project. And that situation makes subtasks orphans or ghosts as we call them in our company. I think having a pop up asking if we want to delete the subtasks associated would be a simple and best solution.

To clarify: This happens whenever the subtasks are multihomed. So for example, if a parent task has a subtask called “Design” and that subtask is multihomed in our “Design Queue” project, the Design subtask survives even when the parent task is deleted, leaving us with many orphans task.

I see. Well, the behavior during task deletion we are seeing appears to be intentional and I can see that it is mostly, probably the better design choice for many or most users. After all, the homing of subtasks in a different project may often mean that those subtasks have value or relevance other than that which they derive from their parent task. I understand that this is NOT the way you’re using subtasks.

When its parent task is deleted, the orphaned subtask gets promoted to be a task in the Project where it continues to reside due to multi-homing. (However, as shown below, the promoted Subtasks still shows up as a Subtask in Search.) There, in your case, it becomes indistinguishable (AFAICT) from any other Design Queue Tasks that were never subtasks and never multi-homed…except for one surprising twist:

Although the native Subtask (i.e. child of a Task in Design Queue but NOT itself homed to Design Queue) is NOT part of the project according to Asana logic, it DOES show up for a search for “Subtasks in Design Queue”. So you can do this search:

Updated image to be more explicit.

The native, non-multi-homed Design Queue Subtasks are distinguishable. Wow. This is helpful as long as Asana never changes this behavior. They might as it seems rather illogical…

Anyhow, this is a pretty complex issue which clearly underlines the need for a simple orphan prevention or detection method. Anything that needs correcting above, I’d appreciate the help of other users. Good luck!

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Impressive work, Holmes…I mean @Stephanie_Oberg1, and clearly conveyed!!

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