Default assignee

100% agree. Maybe if it could be a per-project, or per-team, or per-user setting?

TBH I often use “Projects” just to create some logical groupings for my to do stuff - they’re not always cross functional multi stakeholder projects.

Adding my request to those above. I’ve used Asana for all of two days and already become frustrated by having to manually assign each task to myself. Began searching for a way to automatically assign tasks and am shocked there is no current option. Such an obviously irritating process for those mostly adding tasks in projects for themselves. Please add option for auto-assign!

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Except that it doesn’t work for subtasks!

+1. Asana, it’s really annoying having to assign personal tasks manually to myself all the time. Please give individual users the ability to set default assign by project of by workspace!!

+1. As a one person company, having to manually set myself for each is not productive. Creating in My Tasks isn’t helpful either since I need to create item in all my client projects to see other items to know what to create and jump around constantly between projects as others have noted above. I understand the common use case is large teams and thus not asking to change the default for everyone. Simply a setting one can enable or if there is only one person in the company then default all new items to that person until an additional person is added.


This is killing me. I LOVE Asana. But, this tiny tiny feature that seems to make so much sense has been a forum topic for years.

Let me describe my situation (similar to many others on here). I run a 1-person marketing agency. I have 10-20 projects at any given time. I open the project I’m focusing on at the time and I leave it open. Every task I add needs to be assigned to me (because of some confusion I’ve had with clients logging and not knowing whether a task is assigned to me or them). Yes, I understand I can assign every task individually or go up and add them in “My Tasks”, HOWEVER, here’s the problem. 98% of my tasks are created by me and should be assigned to me. I feel like I’m going insane when I assign each task, one by one, to me right after creating it. BUT, adding in “My Tasks” is completely and totally unproductive because it adds 3-4 additional steps for EVERY task. I work IN the project. I add tasks IN the project (at a pretty high speed). Manually assigning all my tasks to myself is unsustainable. And, jumping back to my tasks every time is totally unproductive and the flow is cumbersome.

Thank you for the AMAZING product. PLEASE add this feature to help us all stay sane. And, it should be added as a feature with three options:

  1. Auto-assign tasks to the task creator
  2. Auto-assign tasks to a specific user (like if my client adds tasks, and they are always meant for me, it should be auto-assigned to me so s/he doesn’t have to do that every time)
  3. or Don’t auto-assign. Manually assign as needed.

We’re cheering for this. Please please make it :slightly_smiling_face:

Bryan Bennett - Certified Pro:


If you don’t mind setting it up on a per-project basis, you can use either Zapier or Flowsana to accomplish this. You could build a Zap in Zapier, or use a Flowsana If-Then Rule - it has an If-Then Rule that lets you auto-assign every new task in a project to a specific person:

As I say, the only catch is that the rule or the Zap needs to be set up for each project.


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@Craig_Fifer 's post only helps desktop users. My team is predominately on mobile.

** Every list should have a Default Assignee setting. **

This ensures that items added to lists are never missed.

The scenario where “most of the tasks for a list are for the same person” is common.

Mobile users don’t want to be fumbling around with extra steps on their cellphones!

The My Tasks would no longer be ‘useless’ (as quoted from messages above), since forgetting to assign someone to a task would still result in one person having accountability on their My Tasks.

This would not impact existing users since the Default Assignee setting would initially be blank.

As a bonus feature (from reading the messages above), allow the Default Assignee to be set to ‘Task Creator’, so whoever enters the task is set as the assignee.

Note that I’m evaluating Asana for my team and I came upon this issue immediately, which led me right to this thread. I had to create a login to post this reply, which I don’t normally do but this is important enough and I had some time - for every upvote there are probably a 100 or more that didn’t bother logging in to vote, so there are thousands of people that want this feature. You’re running a project management tool - accountability should be your number one priority! Having tasks lost in the ether is not ok. (And I get that the tasks are not completely lost, but when managing many lists with many tasks it’s likely that unassigned tasks will be overlooked.)

So in summary I’m requesting that you add the following items to your Development Task List and manually assign them to someone :wink: :

  • Add an ‘option’ to the List object called ‘Default Assignee’.
  • Allow the values of this option to be [blank], a person, or ‘Task Creator’
  • Whenever a task is created, check the ‘Default Assignee’ and if it is set, set that value (or the task creator) as the assignee.

This really does not seam that hard and both the demand and justification are supported by all of the comments in this thread.



This is probably my one and only compliant when using Asana. Having the option to have a default assignee would be incredibly helpful.

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+1 please add this feature

+1 supper agree

+1 please

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When using “Board” view in a Project, and adding multiple tasks, is it possible to assign all tasks to a particular team member (NOT myself) by default so I don’t have to click to assign each individual one?


Hi @Daniel_Kressman and welcome to the forum!

This is not currently possible in Asana.

You can do it, however, using one of these third-party tools: Zapier or Flowsana. (Full disclosure, I’m the creator of Flowsana.)


Hi @Daniel_Kressman, welcome to the Community Forum!

As @Phil_Seeman mentioned, this option is currently not available in Asana. We already have a thread on this topic. I have gone ahead and merged your post with Default assignee to consolidate feedback. I hope you don’t mind!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Would be neat to be able to select Default assignee for every workspace/company or even team/project.

I might work on some projects mostly on my own while collaborating with others on other projects.


I would love this feature too! I run a single person blog and love functionality of Asana, but this one issue makes using it super cumbersome. I would never assign tasks to anyone else, so having to add myself to every task is a pain.


Same for me!