Decrypt Asana Auth Refresh Token in Salesforce

We have custom solution to create tasks in Asana from Salesforce using the create task API. I’m trying to use the ‘AsanaPublic__AuthToken__c’ and ‘AsanaPublic__RefreshToken__c’ from the object ‘AsanaPublic__AsanaAuthentification__c’ to call the Asana APIs from Salesforce so that the changes/creating tasks will get logged under that particular user who is creating from Salesforce instead of some integration/process user. But I’m not able to use these tokens directly as they are encrypted it seems. could you help me how are these tokens stored in Salesforce and how can I decode and use them to call Asana APIs, please? Thanks much in advance.

It’s not possible to change the Asana user that gets recorded for changes made by an API connection; it can only be the user or service account of the connection.

You would need to have each user authorize to Asana and use their auth token when recording the change in order to get it to show in Asana as having been changed by them.