Date Format From A Form Can Be Changed?

I have created a form with a date field. This date field is linked to a custom field in my Asana Project (as there is no Date custom field). When I chose the date from the date picker in the form 30th July 2021, the data entered into the Custom Task Field is : Jul 30, 2021.

But this is not so useful as it is not sortable in a logical date order as actually this Custom Task Field is a Text Field, so Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc will not sort logically, only alphabetically.

Can this automatically entered format be changed to YYYY-MM-DD format for example when the date is picked from a Form, which can then be sorted logically?

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Hey Ian, I haven’t come across any date formatting options as yet but I know you can map the date field on a form to the due date. This will then allow for sorting by date and using the timeline feature, which is awesome for seeing tasks in date order.


Is there a way for a date field in a form to allow for date ranges?

We are using a project to track employee PTO (so their time off can be seen alongside our projects in our pipeline project) and we set up a form for the PTO project so employees can request PTO through that form.

Right now I can only get it to pick
one date, and then I have people add a note if they want consecutive days off.

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