Date field of last Status Update

Hi All,
the system knows when you write a status update because it includes the date next to “Status Update”
But can the field of that date be displayed in the portfolio grid view ? i did not find it.
also, i would like a workflow to remind my project owners to update periodically: tips on that would be appreciated.
thanks !

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Hi @Laurent8
If you click on the status at the portfolio level it will show how long ago it was posted - you cannot get it to display unless it is in the title.
Inside the status update itself there is a toggle at the top for the project owner to turn on to ‘remind me to update every friday’

Thank you @Danielle-GenD for the reminder tip.
My question was referring to the list view of a portfolio. i would like to see the date of update there, as a date, and be able to sort by it. it will help me identify quickly which projects have not been updated. but maybe, the field simply does not exist or is not available for diplay.

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Hi @Laurent it doesn’t sadly have this option. I will move this to the feature requests so people can vote on getting this added as a feature!