Daily Task - every day of the month (M-F)

I’d like to create a task that shows up on every day of the month (M-F) for a task that can be completed in advance but not necessarily in daily order. I’m having trouble and am finding when creating a daily or weekly task, tomorrow’s task does not show up until today’s is completed…and so on.

Please help :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum @Victoria_Nelson and thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile:

That is a great question! As you have mentioned, when you set a task to repeat, it will only duplicate itself and show up in your list, once you have marked it as complete. You can learn more about it in the following article from your Guide: Repeating tasks

One workaround to have them all displayed in your list or Calendar could be to set 5 different recurring tasks for each day of the week where each one can be set to recur weekly. That way you can have all tasks displayed for your weekly organization.

I hope this helps Victoria but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!