CxO setting and tracking my reports' high level objectives for use in one-on-ones

I have 1-on-1 weekly review meetings with each of my reports, each of whom typically leads a business function (e.g. finance, analytics, IT…). I’d like to use Asana to capture and track mutually agreed-to goals, without getting lost in the minutiae of their own more detailed Asana projects. Does anyone have a good example of a project for setting and tracking these types goals? I’m thinking the cut level for this is maybe a half dozen goals/objectives in due date buckets of 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days.


There are various ways to do this in Asana (Goals if you have Asana for Business, perhaps a meeting template otherwise), but I’ve used a particular, flexible approach with clients successfully, but you’ll have to contact me directly for details, if interested:



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