Customise the columns in boards (like Airtable can)

Use case: we use a new project to plan each product release with sections across product, design, eng, QA etc. Under the eng section we have all the features & big fixes and a custom field for “waiting”, “doing”, “done” to track progress of the release.

Problem: we want a clean board view for engineers to be able to review the waiting feature/bug, decide which to work on, move it to the doing column, and then move to the done column when done.

Solution 1: we create 3 sections in the list = Eng - Doing, Eng - Waiting, Eng - Done which are then reflected in the board. In board view you can hide columns we don’t want (eg. product, design) so that just these 3 eng columns show.

Solution 2: the ideal solution that I think would provide a lot more flexibility for any user is that you can choose how to build your board structure ie each column = each section (default and live today), each column = the fields in a custom field. Choosing the latter, we would create a status custom field in the list (waiting, doing, done) and a board structured by this custom field so that the columns are waiting, doing, done. Changing the custom field in the list view moves the task to another column in the board view, moving the column in the board view changes the custom field in the list view. Check out how Airtable provide this flexibility for their kanban view:

I know Rules can somewhat enable this if we create a separate project for the board view, but we need both the list and board view contained in 1 project.

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