Custom Fields not showing in Formula Field

I created a project scorecard project to help us prioritize our work. I created fields that allows the user to select from a drop down then created a second field and rules that actually contains the score. The second field will be hidden. I am trying to create a final formula field that totals up the individual scores to provide a total score for the project. None of my custom fields are showing up to be selected in the formula field. Even if I use the appropriate tags with the field title, I get an error.

The only options in for any of the formulas are the data fields. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @Ron_Sanga1,

Number fields also may be used in Formula fields, and that would be the appropriate custom field type for each of your score custom fields so that they could be added together.

So if they’re not number type custom fields, you’ll have to create new fields and remove or ignore the old ones.

If that doesn’t help, please including screenshots of the score numeric fields and what you’re doing to include them in your formula field.



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@lpb Thank you so much. Yeah, I didn’t have them set as number fields.

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You’re welcome, @Ron_Sanga1; glad that’s all it was!