Creating Team & Project Conversations From API


@Matt_Bramlage Can Team and Project Conversations be created through the API?




Hey @James_Carl,

Unfortunately, there is no publicly-accessible way to create conversations in our API. :confused: Can you cover what it is that you’re trying to achieve with this feature? Some sort of email summary conversation? (I’ll record it as an opportunity / user story example for potential future work that we might prioritize).


Matt, Just doing a little review of my Sendana Add-in using the email
system where we can create a conversation versus the API where we cannot.
Looking at Due Date especially because it can’t be created through the email
system where it can with the API. So Sendana is working really well, just
wished I could add due date but if I go to the API instead of the email
system I will lose Project Conversations and Team Conversations. I think it
is probably better in the long run and with other features to wait until you
can create Team and Project conversations through the API. Thanks