When can we expect an API extension for Project / Team Conversations

Dear Asana DEV community,

I want to automate a process within our project management workflow which includes sending a Conversation to specific projects. With the newest UI changes the conversations got a push, but in the API docs I can‘t find the possibility to manage conversations.

It seems that API extension already was requested back in 2017: API Addition For Future

This Thread from 2019 mentioned the API extension as part of the backlog: Asana Conversations

Considering we are in the year 2021 now I‘m curious if anybody knows when the extension can be expected or if it at least reached a work in progress or selected for DEV state?



Conversations has now changed into messages. I was told recently that since messages is still brand new and is still undergoing some iterations, they want to wait until it settles down and they know what its final form will be before they expose it in the API. I know that answer doesn’t help a whole lot since we don’t know when it will be settled down enough to expose it, but since they don’t know either yet, that’s probably the best info we’re going to get at this point.

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Thanks Phil, at least I know now that I shouldn’t plan with it to be available in the very near future. Let’s hope it will not take 3 years again. :slight_smile: