Creating self work tracking and documentation with time

I need to create a method for my own personal tracking of my own work on the project that is private to me. Do you have suggestions I really need to figure out a way to track, document, and time my own work and I would rather not learn a whole other type of software. I have even felt as desperate as to record my screen while working but this is not realistic.
When I try to search this in asana it just sends me to sales, and I have the highest level so I am confused as to how to find this ability as it seems it is possible in asana.

Thank you!!! I feel stuck right now and overwhelmed with how to document my work! It’s either too tedious and detailed or not enough, and I feel paralyzed with the detail and how to document this.
Please let me know.

You were so helpful before I am writing again because I have so much pressure in this project I need help. I thought I had written about this already but I don’t see a reply.

I need a way to document my time and specific work on my project and I am not sure what else to do besides record myself working or recording my screen, or using an excel sheet to document. It just seems too detailed and too much of a time waste.

Please let me know what you recommend as we have the highest level of membership in asana.

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Perhaps others will weigh in with their comments here.

My two cents… Time tracking is detailed and not fun (for me, at least!) I try to avoid it! You can look at and learn about Time Tracking but I bet you’ll find it too detailed. Chrome extensions and other third party tools exist that can actually monitor what you’re doing (which app is active) and automatically accumulate time; not sure if one of those might work for you. If you already do your work in Asana (or some other tool) then perhaps an after-the-fact approach is possible? In Asana, at the end of the week run a saved (starred) advanced search result report to look for tasks you completed (or perhaps even just modified) during the past week and perhaps that’s documentation enough for your needs?

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Asana definitely has some ability to be a repository where you capture the usage of your time. Time tracking can be done on any level from minute to broad brush, capturing huge detail or minimal. I suggest that you should define the overall intent of your tracking and what the real, minimal requirements are. A few common use cases are:

  • Client billing
  • Timesheet
  • Self productivity review
  • Report to management

Any of these match your goal?

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