Creating new tasks from the dependencies field within a task

Hi all,

I am building a project from scratch. It is not like any other template I am using.
I have a mind map and I am developing an overview of what is required.

Some items are dependent on others.

Currently: I can create all tasks and then go and map dependencies. When I click on the dependences, I get options of already available tasks. I do not get the option to create new task.

What I would like is:
Create the core tasks. Then go into each task and from the task interface, click on dependencies and create new tasks directly from there. This will be more efficient.

Any thoughts?

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Interesting, I like it!


Oh nice idea indeed!

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I kind of like it, @Rashad_Issa - ok I voted for it! - but I have a few issues:

  1. What project would the new task be attached to? I guess it would be the same one as the current task is in. But what if the current task is multi-homed? Put the new task in all of those projects as well?
  2. Where in the project would Asana put the newly created task? At the top? The bottom? Immediately before the current task? Immediately after? Again, what about multi-homed tasks?
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Hey @Phil_Seeman
All valid questions to which I would say at this stage, it does not need to be mapped out to that extent.
It could be as simple as a short cut like the orange omni button to create a quick task.
You can select the project, the section it goes to as you are creating it, but once you click create, the dependency is already there.

In a more thought through design, I would say:

  1. The project it should be attached to is the project from which you accessed the task. If you accessed the task from My-Tasks or Inbox, then the interface should ask you: do you want to add this task to all projects (same as when you duplicate a task / project and you get prompted as to which items you want to carry on to the new task/project).

  2. When you create the task, the project it is going to be housed in - you will get the usual drop down to select which section you like it to be in. Right now in asana, when you add a task to a project, it always goes to the top, no? so this should not be any different.

Once the feature is there, then we can see how to enhance it. But I think simple create task that is automatically dependant on the task you are in will bring a good level of efficiency in the design stage of a project.

Does this help? What do you think?

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All good answers IMHO, @Rashad_Issa! Now I like it even more!

As I said, I voted for it!

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YES!! i was just imagining this. Would love it. Upvote x 100.

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@Rashad_Issa 1000 times yes! Much easier workflow than having to pop out to create a new task then go back in to dependencies.

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YEEEES please, this would really help speed up the flow :smiley:

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